Perkins Gas Engine

Perkins gas engines bring benefits that could make them the ideal choice for your application. They are durable, reliable, serviceable and easy to maintain. Perkins engines have a big advantage over competitor products – they come with a very competitive initial purchase price and give you low lifetime cost of ownership. Above all they are durable, reliable and serviceable, and because they employ relatively simple technology they are easy to maintain.

Perkins 4006-23TRS Gas Engine
Perkins 4008-30TRS Gas Engine
Perkins 4016-61TRS Gas Engine
No Generator
Prime Output
400/230V - 50Hz/1500rpm
kW kVA
1 TNK385PG 4006-23TRS1 HCI 444F 306 382,5
2 TNK475PG 4006-23TRS2 HCI 544D 374 467,5
3 TNK550PG 4008-30TRS1 HCI 544E 425 531,25
4 TNK625PG 4008-30TRS2 HCI 544FS 500 625
5 TNK1100PG 4016-61TRS1 HCI 634K 875 1094
6 TNK1250PG 4016-61TRS2 PI 734B 1000 1250
  • The quoted typical kVA / kWe ratings are based on typical generator efficiencies.
  • The kVA figures are calculated with a 0.8 power factor ; 1500 RPM (50 Hz) ; 220 / 380 V