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Doosan Gas Engine

GAS ENGINE Doosan Gas Engine The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engines are fully developed through accumulated engineering expertise in the diesel engines. The eco-friendly and high efficient CNG engines are designed to maximize customer value. The eco-friendly natural gas engines maximize customer value by delivering maximum efficiency. Doosan Infracore Euro 6 CNG engines achieve outstanding performance and high efficiency. The CNG engines are fully developed by using technologies of over…

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Perkins Gas Engine

GAS ENGINE Perkins Gas Engine Perkins gas engines bring benefits that could make them the ideal choice for your application. They are durable, reliable, serviceable and easy to maintain. Perkins engines have a big advantage over competitor products – they come with a very competitive initial purchase price and give you low lifetime cost of ownership. Above all they are durable, reliable and serviceable, and because they employ relatively simple…

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Cummins Gas Engine

GAS ENGINE Cummins Gas Engine Over 50 years of experience and development goes into every Cummins natural gas engine. The result is superior uptime, durability and performance in compression, generator and pump drivers. Naturally aspirated and turbocharged natural gas engines are available across a wide range of ratings. TANEKO Gas Genset with Cummins Engine TANEKO Gas Genset with Cummins Engine Installation of Cummins’ Gas Generator No Generator Type Engine Type…