PT. Tan Energy Indonesia Taneko

Founded in 2007, TANEKO® was the realization of young people’s idealism of excellent products in power generating industry. Comes from a Group Company with experiences in more than 20 years, TANEKO® has the widest range of power products in the market, including portable, residential, commercial, and industrial generators. Our products are powerful, high-quality, designed, and built for variety of industries and the most demanding environment.

TANEKO® has been supporting various power generating projects throughout Indonesia and abroad, from Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Mining, Hospitality, Transportation, and Infrastructure projects; both Private and Government Projects. Our networks ensure fast and responsive solution to your power generating needs.

TANEKO®’s professional engineering teams offer maximum quality solution and services, that both meet the need of diversified customer and fundamental markets, and customized services. Our services includes tailor made solutions for different market niches, and provides the necessary training for installation, operation, and maintenance.

TANEKO® can also manage and design turnkey solutions for power stations and IPP. The complete system is flexible and versatile in options, quick installation, and can be integrated easily; so our solution can operates reliably and delivers more power. You can always count on us to ensure our professional integrated service from project design to implementation, which guarantees constant safe and stable operation of the power station.