FEDERAL Engine basically is the heart of FEDERAL Semi-Industrial Generating Set, which came from years of experiences of TANEKO® in serving its customers. With years of R&D, FEDERAL Engine hope to meet the requirements of low-budget and low-maintenance engine, with high-reliability and high-durability.

FEDERAL Engine offer a reliable and robust solution for your industrial applications in both production and back-up mode, accompanied by an unbeatable level of service. Fully aware that every project is unique, with its own particular constraints, TANEKO® offers you its engineering expertise to design the power solution that meets your specifications.

For detailed information about FEDERAL Generator products, please refer to the Website.

No. Engine Family Output Range
(Prime Power Applications)
Number of Cylinders
1 FE4 Series 20 - 75 16 - 60 4 (In Line)
2 FE6 Series 85 - 450 68 - 360 6 (In Line)
3 FE12 SEries 500 - 1000 400 - 800 12 (V)
  • The quoted typical kVA / kWe ratings are based on typical generator efficiencies.
  • The kVA figures are calculated with a 0.8 power factor; 1,500 RPM (50 Hz); 220/380 V